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30 minutes until we light our very first WaterFire in Asia! The braziers are set, the grounds of the park are teeming, nobody can find Barnaby, and the weather outlook is great. All is WaterFire and the world is good.

WaterFire Singapore is happening as a part of an event called Global Community Day. A global village is set up a little bit farther over in the park, with booths for various countries around the world, and we’re currently enjoying performances from a really wonderful assortment of ethnic dancers, musicians, and performers. The lighting is set for eight o’clock! That’s eight on Saturday morning for you guys around Providence, because we’re twelve hours ahead.

We’re still figuring out some equipment issues, but we’ll try to post video or even live video during the event if we’re able.

2 thoughts on “T-minus….”

  1. Waterfire Providence is going great. Lots of people as usual and Salsa dancing has packed crowds. Cannot find Barnaby – that sounds typical.

    Great going Barnaby. Jim Baird from Providence.

    1. Barnaby was attending the GOH (the Singaporean’s love acronymns – that would be the Guest of Honor, a Singaporean Minister of State, the Director of the National Parks Service, and the Temasek Polytechnic President) giving a torch safety briefing!

      Jim, keep the Salsa hot and lively back home!

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