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Old and New

Singapore is a stunningly beautiful city where a walk of a few blocks can take you through centuries of times and scores of cultures.

Here are some interiors and courtyards of the historic Raffles Hotel.

Governor Raffles who first established Singapore and an independent nation port. Raffles eliminated slavery, opened the port to all, welcomed ethnic and cultural difersity and specifcally did not impose an English colonial culture. The result has been its long history of cultural plualism and tolerance, its rich stew of astonishing cuisine (more on this later), and a focus on the practicality of making this a great place for all to live and work.

A short walk away is Marina Bay with its stunning views of the modern, condensed skyline of Singapore. The country has added to its long history as an international port, a new focus on banking, helped no doubt by Singapore’s much famed excellence of government and business ethics.

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