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And finally, some videos!

Forgive us – we’ve been busy. All blog and no video? How’s anybody going to get a picture painted without footage?

We’ll have some footage of the first WaterFire lighting in Asia in just a bit. Meanwhile, here are a few short clips to give you a sense of the place we’ve been so graciously invited to experience.

First, a quick glance at the marketplace across the street that we’ve visited for one reason or another pretty much every day.

And here, a now-familiar Muslim food vendor in the same market, preparing roti brata, a breakfast I will miss for a very long time:

Here, a group of Providence volunteers experience the Singapore Flyer, a giant Ferris wheel with room-sized cars. Three words: it’s worth it.

And just to give you a taste, here’s part of a dress rehearsal for a dance troupe named Firefly, who gave a spectacular performance before the lighting tonight:

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “And finally, some videos!”

  1. Selamat Hari Saudara Saudari! Congratulations on the first Waterfire International and kudos to the WF Singapore and WF Providence teams. Let us look forward to more!

    It is noon now in Providence and we are in the midst of preparations for tonight’s event and the passing of the torch. Despite dire forecasts of rain and more rain, Mother Nature has brought the sun out for today. Thanks for the videos, familiar sights and sounds indeed and it looks like Spogga’s spirit is in Singapore too.

    1. Hi Chee Heng,

      Thank you for keeping the fires burning bright later tonight on the all night vigil in Providence. As the sun rises there it will be setting here and we look forward to your sending the flames back to us for the second lighting of WaterFire in Asia.

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